Water Damage Restoration Services in Westport, Connecticut

Westport, CT Water Damage Remediation

Located on the Long Island Sound, there is always something happening in Westport, Connecticut. If your property is suffering from water damage, ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services is here to help. We are fully staffed with experts and quality tools to remove the moisture and get the job done right. If your home or office in Westport, CT has mold or water damage, we are here for you.

Water Damage

Many homeowners are not prepared for a disaster striking their home. Whether your washing machine breaks or your basement floods, it is important to act fast after the water damage occurs. If not properly remediated, water will begin seeping into the walls and floors causing the damage to get worse. Our expert technicians will arrive on scene and analyze the damage and determine the proper course of action to remediate the damage. We use top of the line equipment to remove the standing water and dry out the space, then use an anti-microbial application to prevent mold growth. This can be the most important step in the remediation process because untreated mold can cause damage worse than the initial water damage caused.

Catalog and Storage Services

While the remediation process is underway, it is important to remove any items from your property that are not damaged. If you do not have a safe place to store them, we provide pack out, transport and storage services at our temperature-controlled storage facility. If you decide to have your items stored with us, you will be able to track your belongings using our GPS system. We want to reassure your items safety, so we provide photo updates of your items during their time in our care.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold growth is, unfortunately, a common occurrence after water damage occurs on a property and can be tricky to remove. It moves throughout the air with particles called ‘spores’, which emit a terrible odor and can cause health issues over time. Our dedicated mold team is here to help if you find mold on your property, please don’t wait and call ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services today.

Moisture Removal

We utilize a special tool called a dehumidifier, as well as monitoring and air movement, to remove all of the water remaining in the air after the standing water has been removed. The condensation from the standing water can cause serious mold growth on its own, so this is a very important step in the remediation process. The removal of water in the air should happen within 24-48 hours of the initial damage occurring or mold will begin growing on any surface that the water has touched. ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services will work non-stop to ensure that your property gets back to pre-loss condition.

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