Water Damage Restoration Services in Old Greenwich, CT

Old Greenwich, CT water damage cleanup services

Old Greenwich, CT has some of the most beautiful homes in the country. When a sudden disaster hits our trained specialists are here day or night to get you help right away. We’ve got professionals with the best gear to assist with the restoration of your property. If your home or business in Old Greenwich, CT suffers from water or mold damage, we want to help.

Water Damage

When water unexpectedly floods your home ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services is here to help. Water can make its way into some of the most surprising places when it does our personnel will work to identify, remediate, and restore your home or business. Our team does more than simply trying to wipe up the water with a mop. We use powerful equipment to suck up the water and an anti-microbial application to stop mold from even starting to grow. You already have enough to worry about with the water and shouldn’t have to worry about mold also.

Catalog and Storage Services

While the water is being removed and your home restored your personal items and furniture need a place to be stored.  We can move and store all your belongings at ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services. GPS tracking is included so you always are able to check where your items are. We provide thorough descriptions and photo updates so you know your items are being treated well.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold can cause trouble for any property. Mold travels in the air using particles called “spores”. Spores can produce an awful smell and are hazardous to your health. We have the best in their field experts with the finest equipment to remove mold or the spores that it creates.  To us, mold is something that is always a top priority. Please don’t wait to call ServiceMaster today.

Moisture Removal

Before and during the remediation process moisture ends up in the air at the site. In order to remove this moisture, we use a tool called a dehumidifier. This step is executed after the primary remediation. It’s a crucial part of the restoration procedure; Moisture in the air has to be removed quickly within the first 24 hours. Otherwise, mold can grow, which causes spores in the air. Our employees use air movement, dehumidifying, as well as monitoring after the water has been remediated to dry your property. ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services wants you to know we will handle your property and furniture with care, and keep you involved every step of the way.


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