Water Damage Mitigation Services in Rye, NY

Rye, NY water mitigation and cleanup services.

With a population of 16,215, Rye, NY is normally peaceful. If disaster strikes your home or business we want to help. We’ve got trained experts with the best gear to help restore your property. If your property in Rye, NY suffers from water or mold damage, we want to help.

Water Damage

Water damage can come out of nowhere, so when it does ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services is here for you. Water will cause damage all over in some of the strangest places. When that happens we have our experts use the best equipment to remediate and restore the property. We have the gear to pull up the water and an anti-microbial application to stop mold before it starts.

Catalog and Storage Services

Before the remediation process starts you need to have your personal items removed and stored. If your items don’t have anywhere to go. ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration can move and store your items. Using sophisticated GPS tracking you will always know where to find your items. Using detailed descriptions and photo updates you can keep a close eye on the status of your items.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold is one of the worst problems for a property. Mold moves through the air using particles called “spores”. Spores create an awful odor and are very bad for your health. We have our top trained professionals with the top of the line equipment come in, so you don’t have to worry about mold or the spores it creates. Mold is something we treat very seriously. Please don’t wait to call us today.

Moisture Removal

During the process of water removal, moisture ends up in the air on the property. To prevent this moisture from spreading and creating mold we use a dehumidifier. This is done after primary remediation. It plays a major role in the restoration process; this step has to be done within the first 24 hours. Our trained professionals use air movement, dehumidifying, as well as monitoring after the water is gone to completely dry out the property. ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services wants you to know we will treat your home or business along with all the furniture in it with care, and keep you involved throughout the process. Call today.


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