Water Damage Home Inspection Checklist

Water Damage Home Inspection Checklist

Water damage from any source can cause costly damage and repairs in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. In your home, there are a few main culprits for water damage. Cracks or gaps outside of you home can bring rainy weather inside. Laundry rooms and bathrooms are full of pipes and water guzzling appliances. Perform a quick inspection of these high-risk areas to catch leaks or flooding as soon as it happens. Consider the following home inspection checklist. It could save you from a spike in your next water bill.


  1. Inspect your roof for cracks or missing shingles.
  2. Remove debris from your gutter system and check for existing damage
  3. Direct downspouts away from your home
  4. Look around the outside of your chimney to ensure the caulking is in good condition
  5. Check around the perimeter of windows and doors for gaps.
  6. Ensure that your yard slopes away from your home to give rainwater an escape route.
  7. Avoid planting greenery with invasive roots near pipes.

Laundry Room

  1. The main culprits of laundry room leaks are the hoses behind your washing machine. While your machine is running, check the for leaks coming from the hoses.
  2. Then while still in use, check underneath your machine for pooling water.
  3. If you have a front load machine, check the quality of the seal around the door and the auto lock function.
  4. Always make sure you know how to turn off the water to your home in case of an emergency. It should be in front of your house near the street.


  • Turn on your faucet while you check around the base for leaks.
  • Make sure your toilet is secure to the floor and the tank is secure to the toilet.
  • Flush your toilet and check around the bottom for leaks. You can also check under the tank and in your basement for leaks caused by your toilet.
  • Check the quality of the pipes and seals on your toilet’s feeder tank.
  • Ensure the shut off valve under the tank is sealed and in working condition.
  • Turn on your bathtub faucet for five minutes to check for leaks around the outside of the tub.
  • Look closely at the shower diverter to ensure its working properly and not causing a leak.
  • Run the shower for a few minutes to look for leaks around the faucet.
  • Check your water heater for leaks or any moisture that can cause mold. The drain pan should be free from debris.
  • If you find a leak, shut off your water until it’s repaired.

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