Water Damage Cleanup Services in Somers, NY

Somers, NY water damage cleaning services

Somers, NY is one of the more historic destinations where you get to see great sites such as the elephant hotel. When water or mold damage affects your properties, our technicians will be ready to help 24/7. We’ve got the best employees and tools to help. If your home or business in Somers, NY suffers from water or mold damage, we want to help.

Water Damage

We here at ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services are always prepared to assist you when your property experiences water damage. If your home is in crisis and you need help now we are here for you. Water is going to get anywhere and everywhere it can. That’s why our trained professionals know it’s crucial to identify and remediate any and all damage. We don’t just open bring in some towels and open the windows. We use dehumidifiers combined with top of the line equipment to suck the water up. We also provide an anti-microbial application that prevents mold growth. This can be the most important part of the remediation process because mold can create damage that is even worse than the original water damage if left untreated.

Catalog and Storage Services

While our technicians are working to remove any damage on your property your furniture may need to be removed and stored. If you don’t have anywhere for your furniture to go don’t worry we can catalog and store all your furniture in our storage facility. We provide GPS tracking, so you know where your items are from the moment they leave your property and the second they’re returned. Throughout this process, ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services provides a description and photo updates of all your items, so you know they are being treated with care.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold does more than just look bad. Mold can move in the air with particles called “spores”. You may notice that mold has a unique smell. This is due to the spores coming off it that can cause health problems. We have top of the line professionals using the best tools in the industry to remediate all mold or mold spores in a home or business.

Moisture Removal

To keep moisture out of the air we use a dehumidifier. This is one part of the remediation process that can’t be missed; when there is moisture in the air it is important to treat it on day one. Otherwise, mold can start to appear. Our techniques of using air movement, dehumidifying, as well as monitoring will dry your property entirely. Please don’t wait to call ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services today.


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