Water and Mold Damage Repair Services in Pound Ridge, NY

Pound Ridge, NY water damage cleanup.

We are here for the community members of Pound Ridge, NY. We know that water, sewage, or mold damage can happen at any time. When your home or business needs help during a catastrophe ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services is here for you. We’ve got the best technicians and tools waiting and ready to assist with the restoration of your property. If your home or business in Pound Ridge, NY suffers from water, sewage, or mold damage, we’re here for you.

Water Damage

Water damage can strike 24/7 that’s why we are ready all day every day to help. No one thinks that their basement is going to flood or their pipe is going to burst, but when it does ServiceMaster is here for you. Water can and will get all over the place. Our trained professionals will inspect, and remediate with care and accuracy. We at ServiceMaster work hard to provide more than just water removal. We also include an anti-microbial application to prevent mold from growing. This part of the process is so vital we cannot encourage it enough because no one wants mold to move in after the water is gone.

Catalog and Storage Services

To keep your furniture and personal items safe they are going to need to be removed during remediation. ServiceMaster provides pack out, transport, and storage of your items. We also provide electronic tracking, because we know how important it is to not think but know where your belongings are. Finally, we provide photos and detailed updates so you can see your items are in the best of care.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold is one of the toughest problems for a property owner. Mold doesn’t just look bad and grow in wet spots. Mold also moves using “spores” which are tiny particles in the air to small to see. Spores can cause serious health problems if left untreated, and they cause a horrible odor. Here at ServiceMaster, we bring in our top-trained technicians and top of the line equipment to remove any trace of mold or the spores that come with it. It is our belief that mold is always important to be treated as soon as possible. We never want you to end up in a situation where it’s too late to act and the damage has already become too great to your home or health. Please don’t wait to call ServiceMaster today.

Moisture Removal

After sucking up the water from the floor we use a piece of equipment called a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is used to remove any moisture leftover in the air. This is a big part of the restoration process; treatment and removal of any moisture need to be dealt with in the first 24 hours. If not then damp conditions and condensation can lead to mold growth. Our equipment is top of the line using air movement, dehumidifying, as well as monitoring are certain to get rid of any unwanted moisture. Having all this equipment in your home or business might make you nervous. We want you to know our technicians will treat your property and furniture with care, and keep you involved from beginning to end call today.


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