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com_hard_surface_lobbyAt ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration Services, we know that stripping and waxing floors is an important part of keeping your facility presentable and clean for customers. Areas that are high in traffic can often become soiled and dirty. Our professional technicians will complete the stripping and waxing process to fit your needs.

Full Service Floor Stripping and Waxing

We strip all areas of your VCT floor ensuring that no area is left untreated. Then we will recoat all areas with a high-grade commercial wax made specifically for your type of flooring. After stripping and waxing your floors with a high-grade wax, your floors will be protected and will shine like new.

Our Stripping and Waxing Process

  • Stripping: We remove the top coating of wax and any other buildup, dirt, or debris. After stripping the floors, we remove all dirt and grime, leaving the floors bare.
  • Sealant: After the floors are stripped, we seal them with a high-quality sealant. Next we buff the surface to a sparkling shine. The sealer and gloss finish extends the wear of your VCT flooring, reducing marks and scratches and will help guard against soil penetration and abrasion.
  • Waxing: Our VCT floor coating will give your floors a deep, rich protective shine. The high quality wax we use will protect your flooring and will ensure it shines like new.

Custom Pricing

ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration Services offers a custom cleaning program. We will carefully assess your flooring needs and then build a custom program to fit your budget. Our customer programs are designed to give you the best value for your budget.

Call ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration Services for the highest quality professional stripping and waxing for your VCT flooring today!

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