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A flooded bathroom.If you are experiencing a clogged or backed up sewer pipe or septic tank, call ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration immediately. Sewage spills are not only a health hazard but can also cause damage to your property. Leave the cleanup to our disaster restoration professionals.

Our professionally trained and experienced technicians have the expertise, equipment, and techniques to properly and thoroughly cleanup any problem presented by sewer backup or sewer damage. Our team will assess the situation, create a custom plan of action, extract all sewage and standing water, disinfect all contaminated areas, dry all structures, and perform any repairs needed. We will fully restore your property to a safe and clean environment for everybody to enjoy.


We perform a detailed and thorough inspection of the affected areas to determine which type of materials are affected and how deeply contaminants have penetrated into structural materials.

Prevent Further Spreading

Next our team implements the appropriate procedures to prevent any further spreading of the contaminants which includes isolating the affected areas.

Dispose of Affected Contents

After the drying process is completed, we dispose of non-salvageable porous and semi-porous affected contents.

Establish Drying Strategy

Then we take psychometric measurements to establish the best and most complete drying strategy to be followed.

Clean and Sanitize

Lastly we clean and sanitize all the affected surfaces and salvageable contents.

If you have sewage damage, call us at ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration right away. Our IICRC certified technicians will handle your sewage inspection and sewage cleanup with professional care.

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