Rye Brook, NY Water Damage Restoration Services

Rye Brook, NY water damage cleanup services.

ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services is here to support the community members of Rye Brook, NY. Disaster can strike at any time, which is why we made it our mission to be available 24/7. Our expertly trained technicians are standing by, day or night, to help you restore your home or business. If your property located in Rye Brook, NY suffers from water or mold damage, we want to help.

Water Damage

Homeowners are rarely prepared to deal with water damage – it is not something people plan for. We here at ServiceMaster understand that. Our experienced staff will arrive at your property and will identify and remediate the damage with great attention to detail. We will do more than just turn on a fan; we use dehumidifiers and an anti-microbial application to prevent mold growth. That can be the most important step of the process because untreated mold can cause more damage than the initial water damage.

Catalog and Storage Services

The process cannot begin until your furniture and personal items have been removed and stored. If you don’t have a separate area for your belongings to be moved to, we can provide storage at our storage facility. We will catalog and transport everything to our facilities and provide you with GPS tracking, so you know where your furniture is from the moment it leaves your property to the moment it returns. In addition, we will provide descriptions and photo updates of all of your items, so you know they are being treated properly.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold is a much more than an ugly spot on your wall. It transports itself through the air in particles called “spores”. Those spores are what cause mold’s horrible odor and can cause serious health problems if they are left untreated. Mold spreads very quickly. Don’t hesitate and call the professionals at ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services today!

Moisture Removal

After we remove all the visible water damage we use a dehumidifier to ensure all the water is removed from the air, as well as the damaged area. This is one of the most important steps in the remediation process because if it is not addressed quick enough mold can start growing, and it spreads fast! We’ve mastered our technique over the decades. That technique includes using air movement, dehumidifying and monitoring the space so we know just how well the process is going along. You can rest easy knowing that we will treat your home, or business, with the utmost respect and care.


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