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power-washing-imgOutdoor surfaces such as pathways, driveways, patios, walls, siding, and other structures can take a beating from the weather, dust, dirt, and pollution. Rely on our IICRC certified technicians at ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration Services to power wash any surface needed.

Restore the Color Back to New

Removing the outer layer from all different types of surfaces covered in dirt, grime, or pollution can make it appear just like new. This will give the surface a clean and refreshed look and will also help prevent the surface from becoming permanently stained. Power washing can also help prevent corrosion to surfaces that can be damaged by dirt or other contaminants.

Rely on Our Professionals to Get the Job Done Right

Our technicians are certified and experienced in power washing all different types of surfaces and structures. We use the best techniques and proper equipment to effectively clean any surface without causing any damage to the property. Power washing requires different levels of water pressure for each type of material cleaned such as a concrete pathway or wood siding on a home. power-wash-artworkWe assess every situation with care and then ensure that the proper power washing techniques are executed.

Call ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration for professional and custom power washing today!

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