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Which odors can ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration remove?

Practically all of them! If it’s possible to remove odors caused by fire or smoke, we’re the experts who’ve been doing it for decades. Odors come from a variety of sources and linger in many different places. We are experienced at treating odors caused by:An ashtray.

  • Pets
  • Illness
  • Tobacco
  • Mold and fungus
  • Animal Intrusions
  • Smoke
  • Burned wood
  • Fuel oil spills
  • Burned plastics
  • Oily-type vapors

dreamstime_xl_23237911Whether the problem is in the carpet, upholstery or hard surfaces, ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration has the ability to treat it quickly and effectively.

How do we treat odors?

Cleaning alone doesn’t always remove odors. Odor-causing particles often remain and are unaffected by traditional cleaning agents. Our IICRC certified technicians come prepared with a variety of odor-specific products, specialized equipment, chemicals and procedures. We can identify and treat even the most difficult odors.

Our chemicals and techniques have been field-tested and proven effective. With our knowledge of chemical ratios and application intervals, we are able to treat each odor on an individual basis- allowing us to satisfy even the most discriminating policyholders.

How do we help you minimize claim cost?

Lingering scents can mean unhappy homeowners and unsettled claims. Our expertise allows us to identify the source or cause of disturbing odors and treat the problem on-site. With the right combination of chemicals, equipment, and procedures we treat odors quickly and permanently, enabling you to settle claims efficiently.

Why is ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration the #1 choice for odor removal services?

We’re committed to satisfying your senses and working with your policyholders to remove any odors that may be a problem for you. Whether it’s a minor problem or the worst disaster, we do everything possible to assure prompt, dependable results.

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