Health and Property Risks of Smoke Damage

Health and Property Risks of Smoke Damage

Soot is not simply the dirt leftover after the charring of a fire. Soot is smoke residue composed of substances that burned in the fire including plastics, foams, fabrics, carpets, wood products, synthetic fibers or wool. Due to this complex makeup, soot poses an extreme respiratory hazard even if it’s just on the surface of nearby items. The particle size of soot is 2.5 microns, a size associated with deep lung penetration. When you breathe in enough soot, it can do permanent damage to your lungs. This is why it is so crucial to call in the professionals when it comes to fire and smoke damage situations. ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration Services has the right tools, equipment, and training to properly clean up soot and fire damage. When your home or business suffers from a fire, you may not know what to do next. That’s okay, that’s why we’re here. Know these important properties of fire and smoke so that you can start getting your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Fire Damage is a Ticking Clock

Soot deteriorates any material or surface it’s left on. Walls, tabletops, banisters and even kitchen appliances will discolor within minutes of exposure. Glass and mirrors will etch and metallic items will tarnish. Soot contains chemicals that eat away at materials, so the longer you wait to call a certified technician to clean and repair the damage, the less likely your belongings will be returned to pre-loss conditions. As soon as the fire is out, you should be contacting your insurance company as well as a fire damage restoration company shortly thereafter. Waiting a few hours to begin the recovery process can be too long! If you want to make a full recovery, you need to act fast. 

Odor Removal Goes Hand in Hand with Fire Damage

Odors from the fire will remain long after it has been put out. A smoky smell hanging around means there are still particulates in the air that pose a respiratory hazard. Odor removal is a standard part of smoke and fire damage cleanup. A complete and thorough restoration job by a certified fire damage technician will ensure that all smoke particulates have been removed. This will protect your belongings as well as the health of your family. 

Act Quickly

Damages will accumulate and worsen the longer you wait to call a restoration professional. Charring isn’t the only concern. As discussed, the complex chemical interactions of soot and smoke damage make every minute count. Act fast by calling the fire damage experts at ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration Services. Our technicians are on call 24/7, year round for emergency fire damage calls at (888) 321 – 2987. Call now and preserve your salvageable items!