Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup in Bedford, NY

Bedford, NY fire and smoke damage cleanup

Here in Bedford, NY we value our neighbors and our community. We know how important it is to be careful and thorough when it comes to fire damage. Our experts are here to help you when disaster strikes. We will walk you through our process step by step, because removing smoke and fire damage is never easy. If you are experiencing any of these problems in your home or business we are here for you:

  • Fire Damage

    If you have scorching burnt wreckage or just a weird smell it can mean you have fire damage. Since fire damage is so destructive our technicians make sure to go over your property inch by inch using pack-out services and the top equipment so that nothing is missed. We also provide repair and remodeling, because you shouldn’t have to worry about what to do after the damaged material has been removed.

  • Lingering Odors

    Odors often remain even after the basic damage from a fire has been removed. Odor-causing particles travel through the air and may be unaffected by traditional cleaning products.  Never fear.  We’ve dealt with odors for years, field testing the latest techniques and chemical treatments to hone in correctly with the proper method for any material.  As you may know, each material requires a different treatment to maximize success.  A synthetic carpet, for example, requires a different odor removal technique than a natural wool carpet.  Call on ServiceMaster SCI when you need help 24/7.

  • Smoke Damage

    If you’re wondering how bad could smoke be. Smoke damage can be just as devastating as a fire. That is why we go through cleaning the walls, ceilings, and providing deodorization for your home or business. Smoke doesn’t just cause the walls to get dirty it can soak into furniture, carpet, and vents to cause serious health risks. So we come prepared with Ozone, Hydroxyl, and Nano Products for the best odor control.

Cleaning up fire damage is a nuanced business that requires professional knowledge and experienced technicians. Don’t risk hiring a company that doesn’t have the advanced equipment and techniques needed to properly clean fire and smoke damages. ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services is the right crew for your fire damage restoration job. Not only does our team have the extensive experience and industry knowledge to make sure your property is restored to pre-loss conditions, we’re a team you can rely on. We provide exceptional customer service and always put your needs first. Call ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services in Bedford, NY today!

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